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DATA PLATE for Experimental Amateur Built Aircraft with Text                 (Price $26.75)

Material - 3" x 4.25" x .020" Stainless Steel. With four .125" diameter mounting holes for easy installation.


Customer supplied data plate, price determined by the amount of text needed for your plate.


Aircraft Engravers does not make data plates, we can engrave your data onto your supplied plate or you can purchase one of the styles above from us.  They are made from aircraft grade .020" Stainless Steel that meets all FAA specifications. The text for most data plates are either engraved or stamped, however, we vibro-peen the text into the data plates. Vibro-peening is a process that uses a pneumatic tool with a reciprocating point that impacts the data tag at approximately 10,000 strokes per minute which leaves an impression where it travels. This process not only gives a far superior look but has many benefits over engraving and stamping such as;

No scratches, mars or nicks from engraving using a nose cone.
No burrs or raised edges around the text.
No distortion or bowing of the data plate from using a steal stamp machine.
No un-even, out of alignment or rotated letters from hand stamping.

What you do get is an uniform, crisp and clean data plate as seen in the image above. 

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