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Customer's drawing specifications

Which method you use will be depend on your situation and your abilities.  


AutoCAD or other CAD program

DWG AutoCAD 14 or below, DXF file format

Drawing by hand

Hand drawn with dimensions and directions.

Grave stone rubbing method

To get an impression of the holes, layout and text 


Tracing the outlines of the actual piece.


  1. Hole sizes should be approximately .010" larger than the diameter of the object using that hole.
  2. Text sizes, specified if needed, otherwise standard sizes will be used.
  3. Clearance zones are for a 'No text or graphics to be placed within this area'. These areas are for washers, nuts, screw heads, knobs, switches or instruments that mounts from the front and have a lip that is larger than the hole size.  Text and graphics will be placed outside of the clearance zone so that they will be visible.
  4. Dimensions; length, width, hole and text positions, etc...
  5. Name, shipping address, phone #, fax #, E-mail address and the date requested to be completed.

AutoCAD or other CAD program drawing specifications.


  1. Explode all blocks (polylines are acceptable).

  2. Color layers as needed (i.e. different size text, holes, etc).

  3. Text, use the middle insert point. Use the standard "TXT" font (A.E.'s computerized engraving machines compensate for AutoCAD's poor fonts and uses a high quality font in place of the "TXT" font. If any text uses any other type justification other that middle, place that text on a separate layer. Do not use MTEXT.

  4. Placement of text. Draw a temporary line perpendicular from the center of a hole. Use "OSNAP" - "INS"ert Command to snap the text insertion point to the center line of the circle. Move text as needed keeping in mind the clearances for nuts, washers, etc.

  5. Place all construction lines, notes, text and directions on any layer appropriately named. These are just examples.
    100 - All text to be .100" in height.
    030 - Graphic lines to be .030" in width.
    Notes - Any & all notes for you or Aircraft Engravers.
    Holes - All holes.
    Const - Any construction lines.

  6. Clean-up drawing - Use the Purge command to clean up the drawing file of any unrelated entities if needed.

  7. Email drawings to info@engravers.net or mail a labeled disk with your name & phone number. 

Drawing by hand

Just use 'What all drawings must have'.  

Grave stone rubbing method

Is the method of coping the recessed impressions on old grave stones.  As kids we used the sides of crayons and large clean news print paper.  You will need to tape a piece of paper over the area and rub a lead pencil over this area to get an impression of the holes and text. Mark what the actual hole sizes are. Measure and mark the distances to each edge.


Tracing the actual piece with a finely pointed pencil. Note: All the holes will be a little smaller and the outside perimeter will be a little large than the actual measurements. Mark what the actual hole sizes are. Measure and mark the distances to each edge.


Contact us at:

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